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Real Gum Rejuvenation Results

Patient teeth, before Gum Rejuvenation treatment, front view, patient 1
Patient teeth, after Gum Rejuvenation treatment, front view, patient 1

Short, square appearance of teeth corrected by gingival sculpting to expose a full smile

Patient teeth, before Gum Rejuvenation treatment, front view, patient 2
Patient teeth, after Gum Rejuvenation treatment, front view, patient 2

Gingival Root Coverage With Autogenous Palatal Mucosal Graft And Growth Factors.

Improve Your Smile

When it comes to Gum Rejuvenation Boca Perio Implants dentists optimize comfort, function, and aesthetics. Gum Rejuvenation can restore receding gums that may lead to pain, tooth loss and eventual jawbone destruction. Restore your beautiful smile today!

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About the Procedure

These are sophisticated procedures, including the Pinhole Surgical Technique1, to enhance the color, contours, health and comfort of the periodontium. This often involves changing the level of the gingiva to establish the correct amount of tooth exposure. A key objective is a natural cosmetic result with little or no visual evidence that a surgical procedure has been performed.

Who Is a Candidate?

Ideal Candidates for Gum Rejuvenation are:

  • Severe periodontal disease: A candidate who has suffered from severe periodontal disease (swollen or bleeding gums, deep pockets between the gums and the teeth) may find gums and teeth to be needing this procedure.
  • Gum disease: Caused by bacteria installed in these pockets can hold even more bacteria, causing further inflammation. Afterwards, this can cause gum to pull away, roots to be exposed and teeth to look larger. As a result, the candidate can lose bone and suffer from pain.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gum Rejuvenation potential benefits?

  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • An esthetic frame for restorative procedures
  • Excellent cosmetic blending of tissue colors and contours
  • Appropriate tooth length for a fuller, brighter smile
  • Gingival symmetry and harmony
  • An adequate width and thickness of gingiva to prevent further recession
  • More hygienic tissue contours
  • Better emergence profile for pontics
  • Regeneration of lost or deficient tissue
  • Protection of exposed root structure from sensitivity, erosion, and decay
  • Improved restorative access and retention
  • Amalgam tattoo correction
  • Minimal surgical tissue trauma and faster healing
  • Improved predictability of surgical results
  • Enhanced orthodontic treatment results

Why are restorative dentists increasingly recommending periodontal plastic surgery for their patients?

In recent years, the demand for cosmetic den­tistry has steadily increased. This has been accompanied by higher patient expectations for an aesthetically pleasing final result. Even the finest restorative treatment can be an aesthetic disappointment if the periodontal component is not factored into the total treatment plan. With sophisticated surgical procedures, the periodontist can provide an ideal gingival frame for restorative dentistry. General den­tists, prosthodontists and orthodontists are increasingly coordinating treatment with the periodontist to achieve the highest level of health, symmetry and aesthetics. Often a collab­orative effort can be the difference that makes the difference in patient satisfaction.

What is the appropriate treatment sequence for aesthetic periodontal procedures?

Preprosthetic communication between the periodontist and the restorative dentist is necessary. Periodontal procedures are usually completed prior to the initiation of restorative treatment. In some cases periodontal surgery is appropriate while the patient has provisional restorations. Periodontal procedures should be completed before impressions are taken for final restorations.

What is the expected longevity of Esthetic Periodontal Surgery?

The long-term stability of periodontal plastic surgery is excellent. As with other periodontal procedures, long-term success is greatly enhanced by regular professional maintenance, effective plaque control and a stable, atraumatic occlusion.

What are the clinical indications for aesthetic periodontal procedures?

There are typically four applications for periodontal plastic surgery:

  • Clinical crown lengthening to expose more of the teeth for an attractive smile or improved retention and restorative access.
  • Root Coverage procedures to protect the roots from erosion, decay and sensitivity while providing an attractive, symmetric appearance.
  • Establishment of a functional zone of attached, keratinized gingiva to prevent recession.
  • Augmentation procedures to reestablish normal tissue contours for a more attractive and hygienic restorative result.

Periodontal plastic surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia and some form of sedation, if necessary.


1 Dr. Saravanan Sampoornam Pape Reddy. Pinhole Surgical Technique for treatment of marginal tissue recession: A case series. Available: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5846251/.

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