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Improve Your Smile with Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy is a dental treatment focusing on treating and preventing diseases affecting the gums and other structures supporting the teeth. It is important for preserving healthy gum tissue, reducing inflammation, decreasing pocket depths, and helping to prevent further damage caused by bacteria in the mouth.

Dr. Leichter, our periodontist in Boca Raton, has had extensive training and experience in Periodontal Therapy. We utilize the industry’s highest quality materials and standards of care to help you take care of your beautiful smile!

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About the Procedure

At Boca Perio Implants, we optimize comfort throughout treatment with our key objective of improved function and esthetics for our patients. Typically, periodontal therapy begins with a thorough professional cleaning, which helps to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Depending on the severity of the condition, further treatments may include deep cleaning techniques such as scaling and root planing, antibiotic treatment, or surgery to restore lost tissues.

Because in periodontal disease, pockets form that are deeper than the usual gingival depth, such scaling1 and root planing2 are often referred to as ‘deep cleaning’ and may be performed using a number of dental tools, including ultrasonic instruments and hand instruments, such as periodontal scalers and curettes. In some cases, electric devices such as ultrasonic scalers are used to break down bacterial cell membranes.

With regular dental care and maintenance at home, periodontal therapy can help to reduce the risk of developing more severe oral health problems in the future.

Benefits of Treatment

Benefits of periodontal therapy include improved oral hygiene, healthier gums, less chance of tooth loss due to gum disease prevention, and better overall dental health. Our periodontal therapy includes:

  • Scaling: The removal of plaque, calculus and stain from the crown and root surfaces of teeth.
  • Root Planing: A specialized skill involving scaling the root of the tooth, made up of cementum. A smooth cementum provides less opportunity for bacteria to hang out and form calculus

Who Is a Candidate

An ideal candidate for periodontal therapy is someone looking to maintain the health of their gums, bones and tissues that support their teeth. Also, people with gum disease, receding gums, or other conditions affecting the tissue around their teeth may benefit from periodontal therapy.

Why Choose Boca Perio Implants?

Choosing Boca Perio Implants for periodontal therapy is an excellent choice. Our team, led by the best periodontist in Florida, Dr. Leichter, is highly experienced in providing the most comprehensive care and gum disease treatment options available to improve your dental health. Our patient-centered focus ensures personalized care with quality outcomes for a radiant smile! Book your appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treatment for periodontitis?

The best treatment for periodontitis depends on how far the disease has progressed. Typically, treatments involve a combination of scaling and root planing, antimicrobial agents, and possibly surgical treatments depending on the severity.

How much does periodontal treatment cost?

The cost of periodontal treatment will vary based on the extent of care required. Our dentists discuss costs in detail during their patient consultations and oral examinations.

How long does periodontal treatment take?

The length of periodontal treatment varies depending on the individual’s condition and type of procedure. Generally, basic periodontal care will take between one to four visits over several weeks or months.

What is included in periodontal treatment?

Periodontal treatment typically includes scaling and root planing to remove plaque and calculus (tartar) deposits below the gum line, along with specific interventions tailored to individual needs, such as antibiotics or grafting. Additionally, regular maintenance cleanings are recommended to maintain healthy gums.


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