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If you have a stubborn case of gum disease1, Boca Perio Implants provides a dental procedure called periodontal scaling. This will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and help your gums regain health. The scaling process is usually done in conjunction with a procedure known as root planing2.

The dentists at Boca Perio Implants have had extensive training and experience in the areas of scaling and root planing. We also utilize the industry’s highest quality materials and standards of care. This means you can relax with the knowledge that you are in safe hands!

Scaling and Root Planing: Improve Your Smile photo 1
Scaling and Root Planing: Improve Your Smile photo 2

About the Procedure

During the teeth scaling process, we will numb the gums and tooth roots with a topical anesthesia, although teeth scaling and root planing3 cause very little discomfort. We will use specialized tools to remove the hardened deposits of plaque buildup (tartar) from the teeth both above and below the gum line. Root planing involves smoothing rough spots on the roots of the teeth that can promote gum disease by trapping and holding bacteria.

This whole procedure can be done in a single visit, or a quadrant or half of the mouth may be treated per appointment. After scaling and planing you can expect that your gums may possibly be a little tender, but if you maintain a consistent oral health routine of twice-daily tooth brushing and irrigation, your gums should quickly regain a firm, healthy, pink appearance.


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